Three celebrations in one – family event photographs – and an episode with a sharp yucca plant!

Attending family parties to take photographs is what I always do, so it was rather a ‘busman’s holiday’ (a pleasant holiday I may add) to photograph the combined celebration of my sister’s 60th birthday, my nephew’s 21st birthday and my own 25th wedding anniversary. The trusty tripod and auto-timer (and a mirror in the room) allowed for my own inclusion in the groups and occasional help was called on from a handy waiter or passer by. The nearest I came to photographing the nearby music ‘Bestival’ was to point the camera at the front of a bus. I also attempted shots over the weekend of a spider in its web – getting spiked in the process by a rather sharp yucca plant – me not the spider! The Waverley paddle steamer passed me by on my outward journey, and I got creative with a sunset on my return journey. My contact details for photographing family celebrations [as well as passenger and maritime vessels, wildlife and landscapes] are on

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