Lewis-Duncan Weedon Collection at London Fashion Week 2012

Last year at London Fashion Week’s Lewis-Duncan Weedon show – due to a very warm hotel room, an unsuitable dark shirt and the usual manic running around taking photos I retired to a convenient loo at the Montcalm Hotel with a heated drier to do a ‘Mr Bean’ style dry off. How rude I thought, when the door [no lock – so my foot pressed firm against] kept being pushed. I had seen a few garments on a rail next to me, but when the door eventually was prized open by Lewis-Duncan I realised he needed all the garments for his show which were behind me. I was suitably but amusingly embarrased.  He was so un-phased by it all and fortunately he forgave me nearly halting the show and invited me back!  This photograph shows this year’s pre-show line-up. I wore a light shirt and avoided any further ‘wardrobe malfunctions’! www.grahamreading.com

For a while Lewis-Duncan and his models featured on www.topoftheblog.co.uk



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